The advice on this website is meant to be information that you can use at your own discretion.
Please call us if you still have questions or have any other concerns.
Here's What You Need To Know
We are a 100% Volunteer-run organization.
While we would love to be able to help every animal in need, we simply do not have the person-power or financial resources to do so.

- Please view our Tip Sheets before contacting us to see if you can help first.
- Email is the best way to reach us. Please complete a form on our Contact Us page
- We apologize, but due to volunteer schedules, we may not be instantly available.
- Do NOT try to bring an animal to our Center without making an appointment with a volunteer.
Our Center schedule varies and we don't want you to make the trip when there is no one there to assist you.

Thank you for your patience and support!

When you find an animal....

Spotting a baby animal by himself doesn't necessarily mean he's an orphan. Many wildlife parents leave their young alone during the day, sometimes for long periods. If the babies are still dependent, the mother is usually nearby, discreetly keep an eye on them.

You'd be surprised - even small young animals are often independent enough to fend for themselves. Unless they appear injured or in distress, there may be no need to rescue them.



You MUST call our hotline and if a volunteer is available we will determine the next steps.
We are volunteer-run so please do not get upset if there is no one currently available to assist you. We do our best!