Found An Animal?

Here's What You Need To Know
We are a 100% Volunteer-run organization.
While we would love to be able to help every animal in need, we simply do not have the person-power or financial resources to do so.

- Please view our Tip Sheets before contacting us to see if you can help first.
- Email is the best way to reach us. Please complete a form on our Contact Us page
- We apologize, but due to volunteer schedules, we may not be instantly available.
- Do NOT try to bring an animal to our Center without making an appointment with a volunteer.
Our Center schedule varies and we don't want you to make the trip when there is no one there to assist you.

Thank you for your patience and support!
Found A Raccoon?
Never handle a raccoon with bard hands - always wear gloves! If you feed the raccoon, only give it pedialyte. Learn how to help by clicking here.
Found A Squirrel?
If the baby is healthy, don't kidnap it! If you feed the squirrel, only give it pedialyte. Learn more about squirrel care here.
Found An Opossum?
Opossums will hiss or growl when frightened, but usually wish to be left alone. If you feed the opossum, only give it pedialyte. Learn more about opossum care here.
Found A Turtle or Tortoise?
Never pick up any turtle by the tail, it can cause spinal injuries Always wash you hands after handling any reptile to avoid Salmonella. Learn more about turtle care here.

Found A Rabbit?
Baby rabbits are very fragile and easily frightened into cardiac arrest. If you must handle one, cover the baby and keep it in a dark, quiet place. Learn more about rabbit care here.
Found A Fawn?
Fawns are often left alone for hours by their mothers. Don't disturb a fawn unless you know it is in danger. Learn more about caring for a fawn here.
Found A Baby Bird?
We do not work with birds. If you have any questions or concerns related to birds, contact BEAKS at (904) 251-2473.
Found A Bat?
Do not handle a bat with bare hands! Always wear gloves. It is not safe to attempt care for the bat on your own. Learn more about bat care here.

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We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the care of injured, orphaned, and displaced wild animals that are native to Florida.

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