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If You Find A Baby Rabbit...

Baby rabbits are very fragile and easily frightened into cardiac arrest – if you must handle one, cover the baby and keep it in a dark, quiet environment Marsh rabbits become self-sufficient at a very young age – so if you see one alone, as long as it is furred and his eyes are open, don’t worry: the baby is fine. It is best to leave it alone.

If you’ve found a nest of furless wild baby rabbits who have not yet opened their eyes, and you don’t see the mother, don’t panic: Wild cottontails nurse once or twice daily and then stay away from the nest to distract the attention of predators. If you want to be sure that the mother is still around, arrange the nesting materials around the babies in a specific way – check on them later and see if the nest has been disturbed by the mother.

If your cat catches a baby rabbit, contact us even if the rabbit seems unharmed. Cats have enormous amounts of bacteria in their mouths, and even a scratch from a cat’s teeth may cause deadly infection.

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