Thank you for your interest in our organization and in helping wildlife! At WRCNEF there are many opportunities for volunteers to learn about the urban wildlife found in Northeast Florida while helping them recover from injuries, illnesses, and the trauma of being orphaned.We rescue between 1,500 and 2,000 animals per year, and we depend on large numbers of reliable volunteers to keep the organization running. We cannot continue in our life-saving work without you! By making sure that we have enough volunteers scheduled to cover all tasks and shifts, we know the animals will have the care they need and deserve. Our facility is in operation 7 days a week, with a variety of shifts to choose from, depending on the volunteer position.With so many diverse opportunities, you can find the right job for you! All of the volunteer positions are important. We require a serious commitment in all the jobs to make sure that these animals survive. The work is hard, but rewarding. The experience is one most people will never have and one that our volunteers will never forget! Please note: You must be at least 17 years old to volunteer with us.

Wildlife Center Caretaker

A Wildlife Caretaker works at our Wildlife Center in Jacksonville. The spring and summer months (“baby season”) are the busiest for us, when we receive thousands of orphaned animals as well as injured adults. You would be responsible for feeding, cleaning, and general care of the wildlife – specific duties include food preparation, hand feeding baby wildlife, cleaning cages, maintaining a clean hospital environment, refreshing food and water in outdoor enclosures, and other duties as specified by staff supervisors. Animal experience not required, we provide on-the-job training on a daily basis. This is an immensely rewarding position – you can watch the babies go from infancy to release and know that you, personally, made it possible.

Foster Caretaker

Take small animals such as squirrels or opossums home to care for when they are very young.

Outreach & Educational Events

As a special events volunteer, you will learn behind the scenes logistics of planning fundraising events and work directly with the public. You would visit schools, events, and other organizations to teach ways to coexist with our wildlife neighbors and what to do when dealing with wild animals. It is a fun opportunity, and you’re directly helping to raise funds for WRCNEF and awareness of its mission.

Supply Collection/Transportation

WRCNEF relies on donations of goods such as produce, feed, hay, and pet food. You would pick up the items from the vendors and transport them to the Wildlife Center.

Animal Transportation

WRCNEF receives calls 7 days a week, 24 hours a day concerning wild animals in need of help. You would help us respond to those calls by picking up contained animals and transporting them to the drop-off point or Wildlife Center, and rescuing sick or injured animals. This is a critical position; if we cannot get the animals, we cannot help them.

Student Opportunities

We also have a program for students in both college and high school who need to obtain hours, but all volunteers must be at least 17 in order to volunteer. If you need to obtain service hours, please let us know during your interview.

Get Started!

1. Schedule an orientation session by leaving a message at 779-5569.

2. Fill out our online application by clicking here, and download and sign the Volunteer Agreement included on the application web page

3. When scheduled, take a tour of our facility and get more information about your area of interest. (Be sure to bring your signed Volunteer Agreement)

3. All active volunteers require organization membership ($25 annual fee – includes periodic Center updates & a WRCNEF t-shirt).